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Think 80 







APRIL 15-18, 1976 





Oscar Dunn '36 
Jacob J. SoBrien '66 


Joseph Richardson '56 
Elaine Harris '76 

"THINK 8 0" 



On lichair of the luitioiial (lliaptcr dI' the Oak wood 
(College Alumni \^soriation. 1 exlfiid a most cordial 
and warm welcome to the mam Alumni and friends 
wlio ha\e come to this annual Honieioming anil the 
80th Anni\ersar\ celehrati(jn of our hekned college. 
It is lioped that the acti\ities this week-end will vield 
truilful and productive results and that from them 
will emerge new and innovative programs that will 
ohtain aiJditional support so our ohjecti\es can he 

\\ e are indebted to the administration, facultv and 
stu(Jent l)0(h of this college for their support in help- 
ing to make this week end a memorable occa.ssion. 
L. .\. Paschal, President 
Oakwood College National 
Alumni Association 

Throughou I the swift flow oljangleii human events 
one solid, stcadv, fundanmental lacl retiiains, 
Oakwood College is something S[^K(d\L. ll is 
Sl'EClAL in Its products. SPKC.IAP in it. inspiration 
SPECJAL in its almos|diere an<l SPKCIM, in il^ 
familiar lies. 

\ beartV welcome to all \oU SI'K(dA!, people to 
this verv SPECIAL place. 

C. R. Hock. Prr-idcnl 


Elder Harold L. Lee 
Director of Alumni Affairs 

Dear Fellow Alumni and Friends, 

aVrto'^thrbig^r^a^lrcalslZ? 'a^^^^^-^^^^ "^^ °' ^^^^ '^^-"^ism, 
celebrates its 200th an. versarv we t^/ """"^ Homecoming. As the nation 
contribution and m a n t e spir tu IZrtu" ® 'T °' ^^'S^ifi^nt 
of many individuals across this nat on nd th ^°?^^ '1^^ economic lives 
done an outstanding lob of he ni^n + ^n^ the world. Our alumni have 
people. '""'^^"S J°b of helping to create massive human betterment for 

we"are"\rbe"e"pons?ve"to1hrr^'""- J-^^-^^tional needs are many. If 
to honor our La soc t, then'a iT' °' ''''''''• '"' '^ ^ «- 



enjoy yourselves, and help us make a better Oakwood. 


Pastor, Oakwood College Church 

A sincere welcome to every alumni, friend, and acquaintance who comes 
to visit, worship, and fellowship with us at Oakwood College and the 
Von Braun Civic Center of Huntsville, Alabama, on this tri -celebrational 
occasion: THE BICENTENNIAL of our nation, THE 80TH ANNIVERSARY of our 
school, Oakwood, and the final fulfillment of an 80-year-old dream of 
having a CHURCH on the grounds of Oakwood College Campus. 

We welcome you warmly, joyfully, and sincerely, on this great jubilee 

'THINK 80" 





*f f 

jf "«» 


Sy 1 y 1 9 ' 


June Jacobs 
Corresponding Secretary 






^,:^^ \\' 

Myrtle Murphy 
Asst= Treasurer 

Ruth Stafford 
Past President 

Esther Gill 
Recording Secretary 


Frank Davis 
Past Pres.s National Alumni Assoc 


E. E. Rogers 

David Taylor 

Dr. A. Samuel Rashford 


Digitized by the,lnteriwArchive 

in 2013 ^ 


Minneola Williams 

Homecoming Weekend Coordinator 


■ ^ 

Irs . Ruth Mosby Greene 
Winston Salem 

Jessie M. Bradley 
New Haven 

Kattie Settle 

S, H. Cox 
Kansas Cit" 

Jimmie Brown 

James Edgecombe 
Central States 

Connie Strong Mayfield 

Mrs. Susie Shurney 
J. L. Moran Chapter 
Oakwood College 


Alfred Hampton 
Sabbath Services 

J. E. ^ 
Promotion & Public F 

?i Technicia 



Zeola Allston 


Carole Webb 

D. Blake 

^^c::^ .a05^ 4 >^1^^=: 

Irene Lacey 


Thursday, April 15, 1976 
1:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M. 


Friday, April 16, 1976 
8:00 A.M. - 3:30 P.M. 


Carole Webb - Coordinator 

College Switchboard . , 
National Alumni Office 
College Health Service 

Ext 217 
Ext 262 


Elder John Smith 
Elder Auldwin Humphrey 
Elder Sherman Cox 
Mrs, Edna Lett Williamson 
Elder Walter Kisack 
Elder H, T, Saulter 
Elder Joseph Hinson 
Mr, T, T, Frazier 
Elder V, L, Roberts 

Allegheny East 

Allegheny West 

Central States Conference 


Northern California 

Pacific Union Conference 

South Atlantic Confaence 

South Central Conference 

South West Regional Conference 

"THINK 8 0" 

D. Blake - Coordinator 


Friday - April 16, 1976 

1:30 P.M. - O.C. Softball Field 

David Grandison, Coordinator 


Friday - April 16, 1976 

1:00 P.M. - O.C. Tennis Court 

Sunday - April 18, 1976 

8:00 A.M. - Entrance Fee $2.00 

Earl Gooding, Coordinator 


Friday - April 16, 1976 
1:00 - 3:00 P.M. 
O.C. Natatorium 
Xavier Butler, Coordinator 


Friday - April 16, 1976 
1:00 P.M. - Colonial Golf Course 

Sunday - April 18, 1976 
8:00 A.M. - Colonial Golf Course 
Entrance Fee $12.00 
Coordinators: Lynn Ross & M. A. Warren 


Saturday - April 17, 1976 
10:00 P.M. - Ashby Hall 


Saturday - April 17, 1976 
8:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M. 
Ashby Hall - Admission - 25 cents 

MOVIE - Saturday, April 17, 1976-8:00 P.M. "Good-bye Mr. Chips" - Moran Hall 


Friday, April 16, 1976 - 6:15 P.M. 


Song Service Terri Giles, '76 

Hymn of Praise 


Prayer ..... 

Welcome and Announcements 

Introduction of Speaker 


. David Grandison, '66 

Associate Professor of Biology, 0. C. 

. . . Frank Davis 

Former Alumni President 

Joseph Redcross, '66 

Instructor in Secondary Education, O.C.A. 

....... Lee Paschal , '46 

Presioent, National Alumni Association 

. ...... Edward Avinger, '66 

Pastor, Robbins S.D.A. Church, Robbins, II. 

The Tabernacle Choir 

Bethany S.D.A. Church, Miami 

Sermon , . . 
Music . . . 

. "The Gold Rush" Auldwin Humphrey, '66 

Pastor, Sharon Temple S.D.A. Church, Wilmington, De. 

.......... The Tabernacle Choir 

Bethany S.D.A. Church, Miami 

....... Sylvanus Merchant, '56 

Superintendent of O.C. Laundry 

Organist: Winifred Rivers 

Oakwood College Church 

Pianist: Ethel McKenzie Bradford, '46 
Washington, DC 

"THINK 80' 


Friday, April 16, 1976 - 8:30 P.M. 


Song Service Lesie 

Qp pT n'J'IIVP , Lric.irir"-'-'>-^n 

Prayer ...... Steve H 

Welcome and Announcements Ph1 lip Williams 

Special Mission Review . ^"^ Staff 

Music "I'll Tell The World" . . T erance Singers 

Soloist: Cynthia McCall 

Offering Pa^'^ Frysor 

Instrumental Ensemble - "I've a Story to Tell Tq the Nation" 

l^lovie Ii^to All The World 

Benediction Lynn Pavis 


Friday, Api i I !u, ]97() - 8. 30 F.M. 


'TrtiNK 80' 

Sabbath, April 17, 1976 - 9:15 A.M. 

Song Service . 
Opening Song . 

Prayer . . . .. 

Music .... 
Welcome . , . 
Minutes . . . 
Mission Report 

Music . . . . 

"More About Jesus' 

..... Craig Dossman, '76 

, . . . Jameela McFarland, '76 
Secretary, Senior Class 

. . Hazel Mayes Richardson, '66 

. . . The College Band Ensemble 

. . . Fannie White Oliver, '36 

Margaret Daniels Humphrey, '46 

............ Theodore Jones, '56 

Assistant Editor, Southern Publishing Asso. 

.„,..,...... The Ebenezer Choir 

Ebenezer S.D.A. Church, Phila. 

Silent Salute in Memory of Mr. Charles E. Galley, '46 
Presentation to Mrs. Anne Galley ......... . 

. Jannith Lewis 
Librarian, O.C. 

Lesson Study ,,..... 

Music. .......... 

Remarks - Superintendent . 
Benediction. ....... 

Timothy McDonald, '63 
Professor of Education, O.C. 

. .William Robinson, '36 
Editor, Southern Publishing 

....... .The Ebenezer Choir 

Ebenezer S.D.A. Church, Phila. 

...... Alan A. Anderson, '36 

Systems Analyst, Washington, D.C. 

........ Terri White, '76 

President, Senior Class 

Organist: Inez Booth 

Chairman, Music Department, O.C, 

Pianist: Corliss Claibon 
Oakwood College 

Choir Director: Gwendolyn Foster 

Ebenezer S.D.A. Church 

Band Director: Stanley Ware 

Instructor of Music, O.C. 

Frank W. Hale, Jr. 

Frank W. Hale, Jr, , administrator, is associat , Ohio State 
University Graduate School. He is in charge of adin,.. .is, fellowships 
and minority affairs. He is chairman of the school's fellowship committee 

Born March 24, 1927 in Kansas City, MO., he is 
University of Nebraska (A.B., 1950^ and M.A., 1951) 
sity (Ph.D., 1955). He did post-graduate study in E 
the University of London (England). 

^ nrsriuate of the Uni 

hio State Univer- 
'iglish literature at 

He was president of Oakwood College in Huntsville, Ala. (1966-71), 
after serving as public relations director (1952-53), head of the speech 
department (1955-59) and assistant to the president (1957-59). 

He was chairman of the department of English at Central State '"-'T^ege 
(1959-66). He has been a director of numerous professional groups is 
a member of the American Association of Colleges and Universities, the 
American Association of School Administrators, and other organizations. 

He has written a number of articles for various publications and in 
1971 was named one of the Outstanding Educators of America. 

He and his wife, Ruth, have three children; Ruth, Frank, III and 



Sabbath, April 17, 1976 - 10:45 A.M. 


Prelude Organist 


Introit Ministers 

Doxology Congregation 

Invocation . , Calvin E. Mosley, '26 

Retired Minister, O.C. 

Music . "Just Because He Lives" The Ebenezer Choir 

Ebenezer S.D.A. Church, Phila. 

Welcome and Special Announcements .... Lee Paschal, '46 

President, National Alumni Association 

E. C. Ward 
Pastor, Oakwood College Church 

Special Bicentennial Salute ..... Mayor Joe Davis 

Huntsvil le 

Hymn of Worship Allen B. Humphrey, '36 

Retired Minister, Phila. 

Scripture ............ James E. Dykes, '63 

Assistant Professor of English, O.C. 

Prayer Harold L. Lee, '63 

O.C. Director, Development and Alumni Affairs 

Offertory ......... Lee Paschal, '46 

President, National Alumni Association 

Music ...... "Unford, Ye Portals" ....... The Tabernacle Choir 

Bethany S.D.A. Church, Miami 

Introduction of Speaker . . C. B. Rock, '52 

President, Oakwood College 

Music ........ "Light Divine" ... .The College Choir 

Hymn of Meditation. . "A Quiet Place" ... . Sherilyn R. Hale 

Sermon .... "Sisera Won't Be Back. . ..... Frank W. Hale, Jr. '44 

Associate Dean of Graduate Studies 
Ohio State University 

Hymn of Invocation ........ Keith Artis, '76 

Vice-President, Senior Class 

Benediction R. E. Tottress 

Associate Pastor, Oakwood College Church 

Organists: Allan Foster 

Ebenezer S.D.A. Church, Phila. 

Pianist: Philip Williams 
Oakwood College 

Choir Directors: Mable Dorsett Glover 
The Tabernacle Choir 

Gwendolyn Foster 
The Ebenezer Choir 

Alma Blackmon 
The College Choir 


Bethany S.D.A. Church 

Mable Dorsett Glover, Director 

Linton Berrien, Pianist 

Saturday, April 17, 1976 - 3:00 P.M. 


Now Let Every Tongue Adore Thee Johann Sebastian Bach 

Sing and Rejoice Will James 

Praise Ye Jehovah , Finley Lyon 

Soloists: George Green; Medford Brown 

Thine Is The Kingdom .... (from "The Holy City") A. R. Gaul 

Hallelujah (from "Mount of Olives") . . Ludgwin van Beethoven 


Listen To The Lambs R. Nathaniel Dett 

Soloist: Joan Storr 

I'll Never Turn Back No More R. Nathaniel Dett 

Soloist: Doris Foulkes 

Lift Up Your Heads E. L. Ashford 

Soloist: Ida Davis 
Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee Beethoven-Simeone 


don fatale .... (from the opera "Don Carlos") Giuseppe Verdi 

He's Got The Whole World In His Hands arr. Margaret Bonds 

Soloist: Joan Storr 

Scherzo, op. 39 Chopin 

Soloist: Linton Berrien 


Nobody Knows de Trouble I See arr. Kenneth Morris 

Soloists: Ida Davis; Arthur Pappilon 

Only A Look Anna Shepherd 

Soloists: Doris Foulkes 

1 Want Jesus To Walk With Me arr. Worth Kramer 

Soloist: Eddie Ashley 


I've been 'buked arr. Hall Johnson 

Deep River Shaw-Parker 

I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray arr. Worth Kramer 

Soloist: Joan Storr 

Good News William Dawson 

I Hear A Voice - Prayin' Houston Br^'cht 



Oakwood College 

Saturday, April 17, 1976 

*Dr. Jacob Justiss ., r^-,-> r\r,. ^^u 

, „ , ,„r New Col lege Church „ n- 4. 

*Dr. James Dykes, 46 ^ Program Director 

Dr Dewitt Williams, '65 3:30 P.M. Minneola D. Williams, '51 

Instrumental Ensemble Preludes 

Singspirational .... Director, Columbus McChristian. . . . The Accopiato Ensemble 


Entrance of Platform Guests,. ...... ...... Lee A. Paschal, '46 

President, National Alumni Association 

Prayer. ..................... Lafayette Williams, '45 

Pastor, Chattanooga, Tn. 

Soloist ...... ........ Wintley Phipps, '76 

Graduating Theology Major 

Welcome ........................... Minneola Williams, '51 

Vice President, National Alumni Association 

Presentation of Plaques ............ .Dr. Douglass Tate, '53 

Chairman, Dept. of Psychology & Guidance 

Dr. 0. B. Edwards, '46, Posthumously 

Former Oakwood College Historian 

0. B. Edwards, Jr., Recipient 

Professor Murray J. Harvey 
0._ C. Professor in History, Since 1947 

Music ....... "Praise Ye The Lord" ....... Philadelphia Ebenezer Choir 

Soloist, Mrs. Cleo Sharpe Winston 
^Doctoral Candidate 

Pageantry & Music 

Decade 1 1896-1906 Director: Ethel Dykes 

Decade 2 1906-1916 Director: Paula Barnes 

Decade 3 1916-1926 Director: Lillian McClellan 

Decade 4 1926-1936 Director: Patricia Rand 

Decade 5 1936-1946 Director: Helena Tate 

Decade 6 1946-1956 Director: Trula Wade 

Decade 7 1956-1966 Director: Eva Rock 

Decade 8 (1966-76) 

Keynote Address • • • C. B. Rock, President 

Oakwood College 


Eric C. Ward, Pastor 
Oakwood College Church 


Saturday Night - April 17, 1976 

7:30 - 11:30 P.M. 

7:30 - 8:15 P.M. 

Master of Ceremonies Lee A. Paschal '46/ Joseph Rhyne '60 

Lift Every Voice and Sing Audience--Soloist C. Claibon '76 

PpayeP Chaplain David Taylor '56 

Welcome, Roll Call ^ Chapter Reports Lee A. Paschal '46 

Alumni Spotlight Victor Brooks, Zeola Allston '49 

Presentation of Awards Lee A. Paschal '46 

President, National Alumni Association 

Alumnus of the Year Eld. Calvin E. Moseley, Jr. '26 

Alumna of the Year Ruth Mosby Greene '45 

Parents of the Year Mr. & Mrs. Burkes Holland, Sr. ^ 

Solo Brenda Spraggins '71 

Certificates of Merit Minneola Williams, Vice Pres. '51 

Allegheny East Conference 

Estelle Barnett Allegheny West Conference 

James A. Edgecombe Central States Conference 

. Esther S. Lowe Lake Region Conference 

Herman R. Murphy Northeastern Conference 

J. H. Lawrence North Pacific Union Conference 

Finster Paul Pacific Union Conference 

Warren S. Banfield South Atlantic Conference 

Joyce E. McGlory Southwest Region Conference 

Recognition of Reunion Classes & Other Guests 

The Oakwood College Song "Our Dear Oakwood" 

Remarks President Calvin B. Rock '52 

Marche' Grande' with the Warenaires Instrumental Ensemble 

E. E. Rogers, '44, F. Bliss, '48, X. Butler, J. Bradley, '48 




Ruth Mosby Greene, a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, attended 
Public School for grades 1-6 and transferred to the Ethnan Temple Academy 
and received her diploma as the first church school graduate. As an honor 
student; she received a scholarship grant from the Columbia Union Conference 
and entered Oakwood Junior .College in 1941. Soon after her enrollment, 
Oakwood became a senior college and she received her B.A. degree as an 
Englisli rnqjor and an Educatioa minor in the first Oakwood Senior College 
graduating class 1945. As a student, she participated enthusiastically 
and assume leadership roles as preside ~ the Young Ladies' Resident 
Club, Associate Editor of the school p;^ -. MV leader, first sergeant in 
the 'Vomen's Cadet Corps and held memberships in several other campus 

P.n'suing graduate study at the Unlversily of Pittsburgh, Ruth NL Greene 
received a Master of Letters degree in English. She '' ' " ■" er graduate 
study at the University of Pittsburgh, State Un.iversi , -a, Columbia 
University, University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Winston Salem 
State University. 

Her teaching career began at Dayton Junior Academy in Dayton, Ohio, 
where she served for one year and then joined the faculty and staff of Pine 
Forge Institute when it was established in 1946. She served there for three 
years as instructor of English, Assistant Dean of Girls and librarian. 
In 1950 she accepted an appointment as instructor of English at Oakwood 
College. However, a few days before she left Pittsburgh for Oakwood, 
Elder F.L. Peterson, then president, wrote her a letter stating that she 
was to serve as Dean of Women upon arrival, because it was easier to find 
another instructor of English than to find a Dean of Women. Although some- 
what confused and reluctant by the sudden turn of events, Ruth M. Greene 
proceeded on to the intriguing Oakwood campus where she served as Dean of 
iVomen and Professor of English from 1950 to 1964. 

During those years she was actively involved in campus life, its growth 
and progress. Along with facult}' and staff duties, she served as advisor 
t") the school paper, as president of the Faculty Women's Club, as, president 
of thA National Alumni Association ?ind as chairman of the Executive Committee ' 

r."^ ■-■■■.,-- ilurnni Ass0':"iat ion She h'';o ""-er'-ed as secretary to the Admi rdstrative 
r.-iiiv.riv Sponsor of the Gjrj's r),-ynjs and Hoin- of Chai^ra, a member of the 
Social Activities Committee an<'l other carripus cc/ivirnittees . 

Afte^" lea'^.'^ing Oakwood Co] lege in 1964, she accepted a position as Dean 
'j'^ S"u.le"its aoA Assist^tnt Profyi^-or of Eiiglisli at V'instoj-i Salem State Unlvcr- 
'■\':y At Winstoa Salem State Uiiiversity, she nov-j serves a.s chairman of the 
"ary- ^omrnittes. Virs Greene is a nieinber of the Novth Carolina Association 
r--'^ I'/O'iie'^i' ■ Deans and Counselors of vhicli she served. a two-year term a? 
tr*--'asurer^ P>'esident and organizer of the Winston Salem Chapter of 
the Oakwood College Alumni. She is a m.ember of the Ephesus Seventh-day 
Adventist Church of Winston, wl\ere slie serves as a Sabbath School teacher, 
Director of the Adult Choir and Educational Secretary. She has been listed 
in Who's Who of American and Who's Who of the Women of the World. 

C. E. Moseley, Jr. 

Elder Calvin E. Moseley, Jr. was born in Demopolis, Alabama, on 
January 7, 1906. He received his elementary education in Demopolis, 
Alabama, and in Meridian, Mississippi. His high school work was done 
partly at Tuskegee Institute and partly at Jackson College, Mississippi. 
From there he went on to Oakwood Junior College, and then to Emmanuel 
Missionary College, Berrien Springs, Michigan, where he graduated in 1929 
with a BA in Religion and History, two majors. He earned the MA degree 
in 1944 from the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary. He has 
given a large portion of his life in teaching theology and training the 
gospel ministers at Oakwood College. He served as Chairman of the Depart- 
ment of Religion and Theology from 1934-1951. From 1951 to 1971 he carried 
administrative leadership responsibilities at the General Conference, 
serving first as Associate Director of the Regional Department 1951-1953, 
then as Regional Secretary 1953-1954 and as a General Field Secretary of 
the General Conference 1954-1971 

In 1970, Elder Moseley was awarded an honorary LLD degree by Daniel 
Payne College. He has for several years been an editorial consultant 
for, and carried a column in Message Magazine, and had been a regular 
contributor to the Review and Herald, Youth Instructor, and the Ministry 
Magazine. His literary skills went into the production of two books. 
The Lord's Day in 1949, and Information Please , 1973. He contributed much 
to the leadership of Oakwood College as a member of the College Board from 
1951-1972. He was also a member of the Riverside Hospital Board of Directors 
While in the service of the church, he has had the privilege of traveling 
in all the world divisions except Australia and South Africa. He is married 
to the former Harriet Slater. They have two daughters, Harriet and Barbara. 


Burks and Elline Holland, Sr, 

It can be said of Mr. & Mrs. Burks Holland, Sr., that they are indeed 
supporters of Black higher education and pillars in the community of 
Indianapolis, Indiana. 

The Hollands have sixteen (16) children, fourteen of which have 
attended college with six receiving BA's from Oakwood College. Each is 
making his unique contribution to society: Elnora Browne is a reading 
specialist in Mobile Alabama School System; Burks, Jr., a Lab Technician 
at Eli Lilly Chemical Company, Indianapolis; Vivian Joseph, a Speech 
Pathologist and Audiologist for Metro Nashville Public School System; 
Barbara Russell, a coordinator for Head Start Program in Cleveland, Ohio; 
Harvey, Regional Director of Drug Rehabilitation Program at Trinity 
University and owner of H. Holland Ltd., men's clothing store downtown, 
San Antonio, Texas; Sandra Pearson, Supervisor in Welfare Department, 
Columbus, Ohio; Sharon Turner, Reading teacher in Metro Nashville Public 
School System; Jacquelyn Williams, Vocational Counselor, Indianapolis 
School System; Larry, Counselor for Big Brothers of Indianapolis; and 
Jarman, Counselor for Indianapolis Prep. 

Keith and Dwayne are presently attending St. Mary's College in San 
Antonio, Texas. Deborah and Nathaniel are currently attending Oa-kwood 
College where Deborah is a member of the Class of '76. The two youngest 
have not yet attained college requirements, but are striving toward that 
goal: Ronald is a sophomore at North Central High School, Indianapolis, 
and Angela is a seventh-grader at Capitol Avenue Seventh-day Adventist 
School . 

Burks Holland, Sr. is employed at General Motors Corporation in 
Indianapolis and is the first Black Board member of General Motors Credit 
Union. Mr. & Mrs. Holland were selected as "Parents of the Year" in 1970 
for the city of Indianapolis. Mrs. Holland was selected "Mother of the 
Year" by the Indianapolis Professional Women's Club. 

Oakwood College is especially proud of the Hollands, since there has 
been a Holland at Oakwood College every year since 1957, and hope that 
someday their sixteen grandchildren will also be alumni of the College. 


Alan A. Anderson, Jr. 

Alan Arthur Anderson, Junior is the son of the only person bom on the 
White House grounds (His father (Chester) Alan Arthur Anderson, Senior. 
The father of Anderson Senior, George Washington Anderson, was coachman 
and valet for Chester Alan Arthur; 21st President of the United States 

of America'* ,,,._.. n p 

Anderson Junior was born on February 8, 1911 m Washington, U.O, 
He became a baptized member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church on 
March 9, 1919. After attending elementary public schools in Washington, 
D.C. and Montgomery. County, Maryland, he finished the eighth grade in the 
first Seventh-day Adventist Church school in Spencerville , Maryland- in 
1924. He became the first ninth grade student in Washington Union Acaderry 
in the autumn of 1924. After finishing the tenth grade at Union Acaderry, 
h|B went to Harlem Academy in New York City where he met the late Arna W. 
Sbntemps and the late James L. Moran who had a profound effect on his 
intellectual development and work habits. Although he attended Harlem 
Acaderry. for two years, he did not complete all high school reouirements 
until 1931 while attending Oakwood Junior College. 

He entered Oakwood in the autumn of 1928 and left in May 1932 several 
courses of a junior college certificate. After three years out of school 
while living in Washington, D.C. and Silver Spring, Maryland, he returned 
to Oakwood in May 1935 and subseauentXv graduated from junior college in 

May 1936. , . ^ - 

Anderson Junior performed several short term work assignments irom 

1936, after graduation, through the summer of 1942. ,, u- _x 

In September of 1942, he entered the federal government in Washington, 
D.C. and continued this employment until July, 1944. 

In July, 19A4, he returned to Seventh-day Adventist conference work 
as evangelistic assistant to J. H. Laurence in Cleveland, Ohio. In 
September, 1944» he was assigned as pastor of the Dayton, Ohio Church. He 
was transferred to Charleston, W. VA., his last conference assignment in 

July, 1945. n U • 4.V, 

In March, I948, he found employment in statistical research in the 
Department of Agriculture. In September 194S, he entered Howard University 
where he completed the bachelor of science reouirements for a degree in 
psychology in the summer session of 19 5Q and received his degree at the 
commencement exercises in Jun, 1951. 

In August, 1971, Anderson Junior became the first black division 
chief in the Bureau of Labor Statistics. He headed the largest division in 
BLS, which reached 210 employees at the time reorganization changed the 
structure, October, 1972. 

At present, he is in charge of advanced telecommunications system 
development andc-Mitor of automatic data processing news and technical 
information; in addition to developer of a program for effectively- 
documenting all BLS survey systems. 

He is married to the former Lucille Smith of Marion, Indiana. They^ 
have two children, Catherine Jeannette Hall and Alan Arthur Andersor 
and sijx devoted grandchildren. 

W. S. Banfield 

Elder W. S. Banfield was born on April 16, 1922 in Charleston, West 
Virginia. He attended church school in Baltimore, Maryland from grade 1-5, 
and public school in Blue Asche, Ohio from grade 6-10. He then entered 
Oakwood Academy where he completed grades 11 and 12. Two years later he 
completed Oakwood Junior College. Shortly after that he entered Pacific 
Union College from which he graduated in 1946. He furthered his academic 
development with graduate studies at the S.D.A. seminary in 1949. 

Elder Banfield has given outstanding leadership to the church in 
various positions. After graduating from Oakwood, he entered the ministry 
in the South Atlantic Conference in 1946 where he served as pastor and 
evangelist until 1962. In 1962 he became president of the conference, 
serving until 1971. Next he served as associate secretary of the Southern 
Union Conference (the first black administrator) from 1971-1976 and now 
serves as Associate Director of the Office of Regional Affairs. 

Elder Banfield also gave leadership as a member of the College Board 
and Executive Committee from 1962-1976; Vice-chairman of the Oakwood College 
Executive Committee 1971-1976; Member of the Riverside Hospital Board, 1962- 
1976; Member of Southrern Missionary College Board, 1964 (one of the first 
two blacks); Members of Florida and Madison, Tennessee Hospital Boards 
(one of the first two blacks). 

In Tampa, Florida from 1956-1962, he served in serveral important civic 
roles including president of the local NAACP 1957-58, received the Jackie 
Robinson leadership award, 1958; member of the Frontiers of America, 1958- 
67; received community service award in 1963; member of the Urban League,' 
1959-62; member of Clara Frye Municipal Hospital Board 1958-62; and member 
of Mayor's Advisory Board, 1959-61. 

In 1950 Elder Banfield married Gerri Poole of Uniontown, Pennsylvania. 
They have one son, serving in the personnel department of Kettering Hospital 
and one daughter, Karen, who graduated from Oakwood, 1975 an English major. 


Murray J, Harvey 

Murray J. Harvey, Associate Professor of History, at Oakwood College, 
attended Oakwood Junior College in 1939 to receive denominational training 
in the field of Education, after receiving a BA degree from Knoxville 
College. His educational service began in 1940 when he was called to 
the Ohio Conference as principal and teacher in the Shiloh Academy. Other 
years of educational service were spent in the West Pennsylvania Conference 
where he served as principal of the Ethnan Temple Junior Academy in 
Pittsburgh and in the Lake Region Conference where he served as principal 
of the Shiloh Academy in Chicago. 

In 1947, Professor Harvey returned to Oakwood College where he taught 
history and printing. Later he devoted full-time to teaching in the 
Department of Social Sciences. He has been an active member of the Oakwood 
College faculty for 29 years and during that period received an M. Litt. 
from the University of Pittsburgh in 1955 and the Ed.S. from Ball State 
University in 1969. Professor Harvey is married to the former Fannie-Pearl 
Hamilton. They have three children: Murray, Jr., Anthony and Pearl. All 
three children are alumni of Oakwood College. The Oakwood College alumni 
magazine --"Alumnarian"--was named by Professor Harvey. 

James A. Edgecombe 

Pastor James Edgecombe was born April 23, 1933 in Miami, Florida, 
where he grew up as a child before moving to Brooklyn, New York at the age 
of 10. He graduated from Oakwood College in 1956, then attended Andrews 
University from which he acquired an MA in 1958. Pastor Edgecombe was a 
member of the famous Cathedral Quartet that did outstanding work as part 
of the Cleveland Evangelistic Team in the 1950's. His varied work experience 
has included the principalship of Ephesus Junior Academy, New Orleans and 
has pastored many churches. In community service and affiliations he is 
involved in Project Intercept, the Child Opportunity Board, The Mile High 
Ministerial Association, The Denver Head Start Board, Visiting Chaplain for 
the Federal Youth Center and in Clinical Pastoral Education at the Fort 
Logan Mental Hospital. He is married to Geraldean, whom he fondly calls 
"Gerry". They have two sons and two daughters; Michael IS, Angela 14, David 
7, and Monique 3. 

Esther Julia Skinner- Lowe 

A renownee' 
Skinner- Lowe wa 
in 1918, 

traveler, Esther Julia 
She moved to Detroit 

This remarkable lady who has been a member of the Seventh-day Adventist 
Church for 45 years, and has served in virtually ewery capacity in which 
women serve the church, graduated from Southwestern High School, Old Teachers 
College and Wayne State University. She taught in Detroit Public Schools for 
40 years. In 1943 she received a scholarship to attend a Human felations 
Workshop at Harvard University with 14 other educators from all over the 
United States of whom only two were black. 

In 1944 she was chosen one of the "four outstanding women of the year" 
for community and religious activities. 

In 1945 she helped to organize Victory Loan & Investment Company, a 
black organization, and served as a member of the Board of Directors of the 
company for seven years. 

In 1967 she was elected to the Board of Directors of Oakwood College, 
the first and only woman to serve in this capacity. 

In April, 1975, she was the recipient of a resolution of honorary 
citation by the Senate of Michigan under Resolution Number 115 for her out- 
standing lifelong devotion to her fellow citizens. 

In Sep-' 
mittee of the b. 
nium 1975-1980, 

e executive com- 
for the quinquen- 

Mrs, Lowe Is a life member of NAACP, is closely affilic' 
Association for Study of Negro Life and History, the Westsid.^ ,,...,.,,, ,,„.,..,. :.ris 
Council, the West Grand Boulevard Area Improvement Association and Chairman 
of the Whittier lowers Council. 

A genuinely versatile person ^ Mrs. Rowe has travelled around the world 

appreciating the wonders of God's creation and sharing 
thousands by means of travelogues, slides and movies 


I- - lerrnan R. Murphy 

Herman R. Mi /as born in Wilmingtor ' ' '^a, and received 

his early educat: both church and publ , . . ,._ nis city. While 

still in elementary school in his hometown, he learned the printing trade 
and operated a pr " ' j shop; building up a successful business. 

He entered the Oakwood Academy later g*- ng and continuing his edu- 
catic duating from Oakwood Junior Colle' :934. At Oakwood he was 

askec ._ , ,_:!e College Board to serve as manag^, ., the college press and 
teach classes in printing. 

Upon leaving Oakwood, he served in t,,^. .i^,, -'■-. -sy Conference as a Bible 
Instructor, afterwards accepting a call to pastoral evangelistic work in the 
Kentucky-Tennessee Conference laboring in Bowling Green and Paducah, Kentucky. 

A caT! Potomac Conference for pastoral and 

evangel 1 iducting evangelistic efforts, 

pastoriH',, ....,_..,:_ .,.„ ,,_ ,,:,.., ,_.,.,.,..,,,, ..,...,..,, Boston, and'Danville, Virginia 

In 1942 h ppi Conference to serve as 

Secretary of t,,.. ,...,,,..,., ....... ...... ,...., .,, .., ,.,,c uirmingham, Alabama district. 

When the South Central Conference was organized in 1945, Elder Murphy 
was called to be its first president and after several terms of ser-vice .v'is 
chosen to be president of the Southwest Region Conference. 

Later he was called to the Northeastern Conference where he served as 
pastor-evangelist and director of the Sabbath School Department and the De- 
partment of Public Affairs and religious Liberty. He has been recently ap- 
pointed as Sabbath School Director of the Atlantic Union Conference. 

He is a graduate of the School of Education of New York Unive>-sity 
earning from that institution a Bachelor's and Master's degree in the field 
of Religious Education. 

He is married to Louise Crichlow ^''— '->• ' ■'-- is a graduate of Oakwood 
Academy and Oakwood College. Elder ar ,v have one daughter, Svlvia 
Murphy Bryan, who graduated from Oakwood Academy and Oakwood College. 

Elder and Mrs. Murphy are members of tlk :hapter o^ the Oakwoo 
College Alumni Association. 

Joyce Lanetta McGlory 

Mrs. Joyce L. McGlory, Recruiting Coordinator for Continental Oil 
(CONOCO), Houston, Texas, is a graduate of Oakwood College, Class of 1972. 
Joyce graduated with a BS degree in Business Administration. She received 
the M.BA from Alabama A&M University in Huntsville, Alabama. Mrs. McGlory 
has not allowed her business training to tarnish since joining the staff 
at CONOCO in January 1974 as an Assistant Analyst in the Systems Design 
Division of the Central Computer Department in Ponca City, Oklahoma. In 
August 1975, after two promotions, Mrs. McGlory took on the responsibilities 
of Recruiting Coordinator in the Selection and Placement section of Personnel 
and Industrial Relations Department in Houston, Texas. She is responsible 
for planning and coordinating all activities related to CONOCO 's recruiting 
efforts at 122 colleges and universities across the United States. 

As Recruiting Coordinator, Joyce was asked to select a number of schools 
where there were quality Black students. Oakwood was one of those selected 
and, as a result, is on CONOCO's permanent recruiting schedule because of 
the high caliber of students. Mrs. McGlory 's efforts have provided positions 
for several Oakwood graduates, and through her efforts, the college will be 
receiving a $1,000 contribution from CONOCO. Joyce resides in Spring, Texas 
with her husband, Gilbert Wayne, also an alumnus of Oakwood College. 

(Biographical Sketches - NOT AVAILABLE - For The Following — ) 

Estelle Barnett 

J. H. Laurence 
Finister Paul 

'THINK 80' 

As Of April 8, 1976 
From October 26, 1975 to April 8, 1976 


Cash on Hand 

Loan to General Fund 

Think 80 Fund 

Chapter Assessments 

Banquet Tickets 



Salary Expense 


Total Income 

Total Cash 










$ 623.93 









Office Supplies 





Painting Supplies 

Pageant Material 

Total Expense 

Total Cash On Hand 

















April 18, 1976 - Su 
7:30 A.M. - 9:00 A.M. 
Coordinator: Mrs. Sarah Richardson 

1975 - 1976 

Edward Best ....... .........$ 100.00 

Thomas Daniels 100.00 

Calvin McNorton • 100.00 

Deborah Miller 100.00 

Lester Parkingon - 100.00 

Lasia Roga • 100.00 

Stephen Ruff 100.00 

Patricia Stewart - - 100.00 

Lizabeth Thorpe • 100.00 

Bedel i a Wilson . « 100.00 



Business Meeting 

Sunday, April 18, 1976 

9:00 A.M. 










Your presence this weekend on our campus and in our City 
gives us a feeling that is akin to ecstasy. 

Because I feel that we must continue the excellence that 
many of you as Alumni have established, it has been our aim to bring 
to you a program fUled with variety, beauty, pathos, pride, and 
importance to the continual progress of the fairest growing, 4-year 
College in the 7th Day Adventist Denomination, OAKWOOD COLLEGE. 

Our experience and efficient planning staff of 20 commJttes 
have consi dered it a high honor to serve you and to extend exquislteness 
in courtesy and hospitality. 

All of you are beautiful people, and I thank you for your 
encouraging letters and generous contributions to Oakwood College. You 
have, indeed, made our Salute to Oakwood College's 80th Anniversary 
in this Bicentennial year, a tremendous delight for us all. 

I trust that this weekend has been all that you had hoped it 
would be and that it has been a unique experience which you will repeat 
next year, Easter Weekend, April 8 - 10, 1976, and for many years 
to come. 

Minneola D. Williams, '51 

Alunmi Homecoming Weekend Program Coordinator